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Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

Monday 6:00pm (Brenda Adams)

Body Sculpting is considered a non-aerobic class for muscle toning and strength training. It is to help tone the body, aid in weight loss (coupled with proper diet) and to help retain lean muscle. Typically, the classes will combine flexibility & cardiovascular conditioning using free weights, stability balls, body weight, bands, etc. For the most part, body sculpting will be lower impact on joints. Muscles will become stronger and more toned which will increase metabolism & burn calories. Basically, body sculpting is a good cardio, fat burning workout!

The certified personal trainers/instructors help teach good form and advise as to where you should be feeling the exercise as they work and sweat along with the classes. They will coach you to use moderately heavy weights and challenge yourself in order to gain strength and tone. However, it is up the individual as to how heavy the weight they want to use and how hard they want to work. It is a process that does take time, work & dedication.

The classes will vary with the instructors with the goal always being to work each muscle group in various ways. This will be done through a variety of exercises targeting those major muscle groups over the hour. Typically, this will consist of cardio, strength training, stretching with some yoga & Pilates thrown in the mix. Classes concentrate on core exercises which not only help stomach muscles but help the back & posture. The instructors are constantly researching better & different ways to work the muscles.

The scope of the class is to help fight the aging process and to become a healthier you: physically, mentally and spiritually. It is also a great support group in which you will never feel uncomfortable, awkward, or embarrassed. It is not a competition. You are your only challenge, so don’t be your own obstacle. Regular attendance is required if results are truly wanted. Body sculpting is always open to new members and welcome fresh ideas.