Lets Dance

Let’s Dance

Monday 5:00pm (Basic Beginner), 5:30pm (Beginner), 6:15pm (Intermediate), 7:00pm (Partner Pattern) (Bill & Gail DeLashmutt)

We use NTA (National Teacher’s Association of Country Western Dance) Techniques in our dance program. This program outlines a structured teaching program, each level building on the one before, that takes new dancers from beginner to advanced; Breaks down moves to give instruction that completely explains and teaches each move. In Couples, we use the levels to teach a complete beginner couples dance class.

Dancing is more then just moving the feet in patterns across the dance floor. Skill in dancing involves mastery of several important fundamentals. It involves step patterns done correctly, danced in rhythm and timing to the music, with styling suitable for that particular dance form, and suited to the type of music being played. All movement must be accomplished while maintaining good posture and carriage across the floor. In couple dancing the leader must be able to lead and the follower must be able to follow. In line dancing posture, keeping the arms up close to the waist, head up and the use of the 5 positions of the feet are of utmost importance.

All instructors want their students to look good dancing. A really good instructor teaches technique every time he or she steps on the dance floor. One very important value, for most dancers, is style. This program teaches how to do the simplest moves in a manner that makes the dancer look “special’ on the dance floor. Just minor turns of the hips or head give the extra “something” to basic moves.

The human spirit expresses itself best in dance. Dance is moving with commitment to the rhythm. Dancing completely expresses the spirit and invigorates your vibration with pure joy. This is what I convey most in my classes, being the example of joy with the dance.

Dance will stimulate your brain, strengthen your memory and keep your mind sharp. Line dance especially has been scientifically proven to prevent or slow down age-related loss of mental flexibility. Happiness comes from dancing and happy people are healthier. Joyful dancing is very addictive, even a small amount of dancing is progress in a happy healthy direction!

Come join the fun!!